06/17/2015 13:18 EDT | Updated 06/17/2016 01:12 EDT

Transport minister says public should have voice on changes to flight paths

OTTAWA - The federal government wants to give Canadians living under flight paths the chance to have their voices heard over the din of passing aircraft.Residents in affected communities will now be included in consultations and deliberations about shifting around flight paths at major Canadian airports.Known as the "airspace change communications and consultation protocol," the new rules come into effect today.Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says she expects the airline industry to follow the spirit and intent of the new rules when making decisions about the paths planes take to airports.She says many Canadians who live under those flight paths have been frustrated that they're voices haven't been heard when changes were made in the past.Raitt says the first meeting under the new protocol is taking place tonight at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.