06/18/2015 12:15 EDT | Updated 06/18/2015 12:59 EDT

If Canadians Made A Rap Diss Video, We Hope It's Not This Embarrassing


We're so sorry for what you're about to witness. So sorry.

In College Humor's (and that's humor without the "u") funny attempt to recreate a so-called Canadian rap diss video, what you're left with is almost two and a half minutes of maple syrup, age-old stereotypes and a lot of apologizing. And hey, we get it we're kind people who love to say "sorry," eat flapjacks and brag about our healthcare, but seriously, are we that predictable?

But in all earnestness, we are impressed with some of the rhymes, the very Canadian backdrop, the rappers' outfits, and let's just say we definitely have things we're grateful for from our American cousins down below.

We do have one suggestion though: maybe next time if we're in the need of a good rapper and an equally good diss, we would just give Drake a call?


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