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Girls' Softball Team Dressed Like Elsa Loses Tournament Wins Our Hearts

Come on, let's go and play!

They may not be league champions, but the "Freeze" softball team has certainly won the Internet.

(Image courtesy of Betsy Gregory Photography/Facebook)

Oklahoma photographer Betsy Gregory was sitting with friends, waiting for a dance class to finish, when they began discussing the idea of putting together a softball team patterned after Disney's "Frozen," she told The Huffington Post Canada.

They initially discussed calling it the "Sparkling Elsa's." But a better idea prevailed when someone suggested the name, the "Freeze."

(Image courtesy of Betsy Gregory Photography/Facebook)

A group of girls aged four to five years old who loved Queen Elsa were invited to play on a team that would compete against seven-year-olds.

So the odds were stacked against them. But Gregory had an idea that would help them go down in history.

She gathered up the players in Elsa dresses and eye black for a team photo — including her daughter, who played catcher.

"I was on the ground trying to get a lower angle while the parents were behind me helping to get the 'serious, tough girl' faces," she said.

The result was this adorably intimidating picture that has taken off online, with appearances in publications such as BuzzFeed, Cosmo and Sports Illustrated Kids.

(Image courtesy of Betsy Gregory Photography/Facebook)

The team didn't exactly have a successful season (the Freeze finished in last place, according to BuzzFeed).

But hey, a losing season never bothered them anyway.

Here are some more adorable photos of a softball team that was anything but the Bad News Bears:

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