06/18/2015 09:31 EDT | Updated 06/18/2015 11:59 EDT

Everything You Should Know About International Yoga Day

What comes to mind when you hear the word "yoga"? Is it the latest in Lululemon apparel? Is it that dreaded fear of sweating and contorting your body in a boiling room with a group of strangers? Or maybe it's that video about pets that clearly don't give a damn about your downward dog.

If you're feeling a little lost of what yoga actually is, you'll want to pay attention on International Yoga Day. The practice is over 5000 years old but come June 21, millions of people will gather across the globe to celebrate what yoga is all about: peace and harmony.

So break out that mat, strike your best sun salutation and watch the video above on Canada's role in creating the multi-national event. That's The One Thing You Should Know Today.

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