06/18/2015 07:49 EDT | Updated 06/18/2016 05:59 EDT

Man falls from 4th-storey window on Granville Street

A man was rushed to hospital in stable condition after falling from a fourth-storey window in downtown Vancouver Wednesday night.

The incident happened just before midnight at the Samesun Backpackers hostel at 1018 Granville St. 

B.C. Ambulance District Supervisor Ross Hallaway said the man was likely sitting on a windowsill and slipped.

Hallaway said the man landed on a second floor ledge, where paramedics, along with crews from the Vancouver Fire Department, rescued him through a window.

The man was wrapped in silver foil as he was carried out of the building on a stretcher, and then placed into an ambulance.

"He had a space blanket on — just because we cut his clothes off — to keep him warm, for shock," said Hallaway.

Hallaway said the man did not appear to be intoxicated.