06/18/2015 01:24 EDT | Updated 07/10/2015 12:59 EDT

Redneck Boot Sandals Are The Worst Thing You Could Wear To The Calgary Stampede

Don't wear these. Just don't.

We've found them. We've found the worst thing you can possibly choose to wear to the Calgary Stampede this year.

Move over, bedazzled cowboy shirts and crushable cowboy hats. Step aside, barely-there daisy dukes and Canadian tuxedos.

These horrible monstrosities trump every other Stampede fashion faux-pas out there.

Introducing the abomination known as cowboy sandal boots:

For $50 US, Scotty Franklin of Springfield, Missouri will customize your cowboy boots, cutting away the upper and fashioning them into flip flops.

They're "this summers most functional and fashionable statement!" he declares on the Facebook page for Redneck Boot Sandals. Ummm, let's agree to disagree on that, Scotty.

We will admit that it's hard for feet to breathe in a pair of leather cowboy boots. But, surely, there must be a better way?

If you do feel possessed to wear such a creation, may we suggest you go all out and pair them with some white knee-high sport socks and a pair of cutoff jorts? (Or you could just save your money and keep your self respect intact.)

(H/t Buzzfeed)

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