06/18/2015 04:17 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 10:59 EDT

12 Stampede Breakfasts You Should Try This Year

Stampede Breakfast from McKenzie Towne" data-caption="more about Stampede Breakfast from McKenzie Towne" data-credit="Calgary Reviews/Flickr">

When the Calgary Stampede rolls into town you want to make sure you're well fed and properly fueled for the long days of playing cowboy -- that's where the importance of the Stampede breakfast comes into play.

Those flapjacks and sausages are easily turned into energy, and for some play an important role in creating a base for plenty of beer and whisky.

Others seek out the Stampede breakfast as a way to score a free meal or spend some time with neighbours, family and friends.

There are no shortage of breakfasts across the city in the days leading up to and during the Calgary Stampede. Some are massive, mall parking lot affairs, while others take the form of community street parties or fancy corporate mix-and-mingles.

You can find plenty of listings for Stampede breakfasts online, but we've singled out a few that are sure-bets. They offer not only the standard pancakes and juice boxes, but also offer top-notch entertainment, music, and activities for the little ones.

Check out our suggestions and don't forget to share your own in the comments below:

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