06/19/2015 05:18 EDT | Updated 06/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Comes To Canada: Her 10 Must-Have Products

The legendary makeup artist dishes on her must-haves from the collection.

Listen up, beauty junkies: Charlotte Tilbury is coming to Canada!

The British celebrity makeup artist (whose clients include Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen and more) is releasing her coveted makeup collection exclusively at Holt Renfrew, and we couldn't be more excited.

The products are all the brainchild of the legendary artist, who created her own formulas after years of constantly mixing products backstage and on set. The result? A collection that treats and transforms, and is easily accessible for everyone.

"The reason I built this brand was to share everything I know about the power of makeup. This is what I dreamt of before I became a makeup artist," she told HuffPost Canada Style. "I wanted to create a makeup range that was like a virtual consultation with one of the world’s leading experts. All my friends would quiz me on what eye shadow goes with what, what blusher suits their skin tone, and what lipstick goes will go with this dress, and so I designed a colour-curated, ready-made makeup wardrobe of 10 looks to erase these problems."

These 10 looks include "Dolce Vita," inspired by Penelope Cruz, "Vintage Vamp," inspired by Rihanna, "Golden Goddess," inspired by Gisele and "Rock Chick," inspired by none other than Kate Moss (and our personal fave of them all). All you have to do is simply select the look you're going for, and pick up a curated box with all the products you require.

'The Rock Chick'

"It’s time-saving, off-the-peg, fool-proof ready-made makeup," said Charlotte. "I simply poured all of my backstage secrets, tips and tricks into an easy-to-use, easy-to-choose format. Because everyone wants to know how to be the best version of themselves. The quality of the formulas is SO incredibly forgiving that you’ll never look dusty; you’ll only look luminous, gorgeous and red carpet-ready."

The basis behind the collection is "Give a woman the right makeup, and she can conquer the world." Charlotte realized she wanted to pursue a career in beauty after she discovered the power of makeup as a teen.

"I discovered makeup when I was 13 and it changed my life. I started wearing mascara and overnight, everyone from seven to 70 reacted to me in a very different way -- I was more popular and I felt more confident," she explained. "Whilst at first it seemed like a depressing realization, I soon learned that makeup is powerful -- it’s every woman’s secret weapon. Makeup can give you the confidence to get that husband you’ve always wanted, change your job, move abroad, get a pay-raise -- it literally can make up your destiny. Ever since that epiphany moment at 13, no-one has ever seen me without makeup on! I definitely wouldn’t have the life and career I have without it."

So which are the absolute must-have products from Charlotte Tilbury? Check out the makeup artists' picks below!

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Charlotte Tilbury will be available at Holt Renfrew starting June 24.

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