06/19/2015 11:37 EDT | Updated 06/19/2016 05:59 EDT

Mom shares harrowing tale of tot's fall out 3-storey window

A spike in the number of children falling out of open windows in Metro Vancouver has prompted one mother to speak out.

Agassiz resident Shylo Weatherford decided to share the horrifying experience of her two-year-old son, Graysen, falling out the window of their three-storey unit in May.

"We were sitting at the dinner table and I had the table pushed near a wall near the window ... when I turned around all I saw was his feet because his whole body was out the window," Weatherford told the Early Edition's Stephen Quinn.

Weatherford said her son landed on concrete.

"It was complete terror. It was either look down the window and risk seeing a dead baby or grab my phone, call 911, bolt down the stairs."

When she reached the ground, she was surprised to see Graysen already trying to get up on his feet. By a stroke of luck, Weatherford said an off-duty paramedic happened to be driving by and saw the entire incident.

"[The paramedic] was holding [Greyson's] neck and his lower back while I held him on my knee and calmed me the whole time."

She said he was able to determine that no grave injuries were sustained by the two-year-old. Weatherford and her son spent two days at BC Children's Hospital for checkups, but Greyson's injuries were minor.

Warning to other parents

Weatherford said she initially hesitated to share her story, but a phone call convinced her otherwise.

"One of my fears was that people were going to say 'what was the mom doing?' Children's hospital called me and said 'there has been six more accidents, your son is the only one that had a good outcome.'"

Weatherford said she now has safety locks on her window, and hopes her terrifying tale can send a message to other parents to be extremely vigilant.

"I want moms to know that this can happen to anybody. We just have to be aware of the signs and safety hazards that I wasn't aware of," she said.