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Two political parties are launching pro-sovereignty campaigns this weekend

MONTREAL - Sovereignty discussions are a theme in Quebec this weekend as two political parties have launched separate pro-independence campaigns. Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe and party president Mario Beaulieu were in Rimouski on Saturday to announce a continuing campaign for independence.About 40 teams will go door-to-door across Quebec and hold "kitchen table assemblies" throughout the summer to persuade voters of the benefits of separating from Canada.Beaulieu has said the return of Duceppe and the election of Pierre Karl Peladeau as leader of the Parti Quebecois signal a new political cycle in the province, and a more receptive climate for discussing sovereignty.The provincial party Quebec Solidaire began its own pro-independence campaign Saturday, with members using bicycles to ride around and hand out leaflets and talk to voters.Similar events are being held today in a half-dozen cities including Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke.Party spokeswoman Francoise David says the initiatives are a chance to have frank discussions with Quebecers and to gain new supporters for the sovereignty movement.

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