06/22/2015 11:55 EDT | Updated 06/23/2015 04:59 EDT

Cat Manages To Hang On After Sneaking Onto Plane Ride

If you're planning to get on a glider anytime soon, make sure you check your wings for cats.

This is what one pilot forgot to do before realizing there was a kitty hanging on for its life after he was in mid-air in his open cockpit plane. The video, which was posted by YouTube user romain jantot, shows a black and white kitty crawling its way to the side of a wing and hanging onto a rail.

Aviation school Club ULM 16-34, which operates this glider, is based in French Guiana, Mashable reports. And while we are unsure how long the feline passenger was on the wing and in the air, let's just say this is one fearless cat.

And don't worry, she's doing fine — the club suggests this cat may be their newest mascot.


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