06/22/2015 05:14 EDT | Updated 06/23/2015 09:59 EDT

12 Ways To Cook With Eggs

12 Things you can do with an Egg from RUSCH MEYER on Vimeo.

What's not to love about eggs? They're packed with quality protein, can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner and they taste great when made savoury or sweet.

In the mesmerizing video below by Rusch Meyer and Bam Cuisine Breakfast Club, we learn 12 different ways to prepare eggs. From sunny side up to creamy creme brulee and yolks cured in sugar and salt, these egg ideas range from everyday to eggstraordinary (sorry, we couldn't resist!).

What's your favourite way to make eggs? Let us know in the comments below, then check out the slideshow below for even more mouthwatering egg recipes.


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