John Oliver Slams Online Harassment Of Women

The nerve they have, expressing themselves!

The nerve they have, expressing themselves!

That about sums up the attitude many Internet users take to women who make the "mistake" of having thoughts and then "vocalizing [them] online," said Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

In his latest monologue posted to YouTube, the satirist takes on the culture of harassment and abuse women face on the Internet, and the lack of recourse they have to protect themselves.

Among other things, he took on the subject of revenge porn, and the fact that there is no federal law restricting it. Indeed, only 23 states have passed laws specifically banning the activity, he pointed out.

Canada, meanwhile, has passed a law against cyberbullying, which came into effect earlier this year.

It amended the Criminal Code to make it illegal to pass around "intimate images" of an individual without their permission. The bill, however, also has its critics.

Oliver's monologue also came as Reddit has cracked down on hate speech by banning forums such as r/fatpeoplehate.

But clearly, there's more work to be done to make the Internet a safer place for women.


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