06/23/2015 07:35 EDT | Updated 06/23/2016 05:59 EDT

RCMP search for 2nd body in mid-air plane crash near Fort McMurray, Alta.

RCMP have confirmed they are still searching for the body of a second man believed killed in a mid-air plane crash Sunday near Fort McMurray, Alta.

"We have recovered one — one body," said Cpl. George Cameron. "However, the second body has not been located as of yet."

On Monday, RCMP reported that investigators at the scene of the crash site, about 38 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurra,y had confirmed two occupants of the Cessna 172 were dead.

Today, the mother of one man thought to have been on the plane told CBC News her son's body was not found at the site, located in bush and muskeg. 

Amal Marigani said she desperately hopes her son is still alive.

"There is no body," she said. "They can't find it. As we speak, there is a search that is happening."

Amjed Ahmed, 32, was learning to fly and had taken five lessons, his mother said.

Cameron said police knew right from the start there was only one body located at the scene, and a search and rescue operation started right away.

"We are confident in saying that we have two people that are deceased, just for the reason that the likelihood of survival from a crash like that is pretty slim," Cameron said.

The pilot of the other plane in the collision managed to crash land his plane at the Fort McMurray airport seconds after collision, despite a pontoon dangling from under the plane.

The pilot escaped from the aircraft, running quickly towards a fire truck on the runway. He was the sole person on board the Cessna float plane.