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Stylish Tech: Cutting Edge Gadgets That Look As Great As They Work

These days, your high-tech gadgets are as much a part of your wardrobe as your favourite skinny jeans or go-to leather bomber jacket. And with the latest cutting-edge technology becoming more sleek and stylish, your smartphone and earbuds can evolve from high-tech gadgets to high fashion accessories. So here are some of the best-looking goods out there:

A phone and a luxury item in one
What if simply by carrying your phone, you could feel as cool as you did when you slipped on your first leather jacket? With the new LG G4, which comes with a genuine leather back, covering the micro-SD and removable battery, you’ll be turning heads and fending off questions from those who wonder “How’d you score that?” While other companies have put faux leather backs on their phones, the G4 is the real deal. Vegetable-tanned, in colours as varied as black, orange, pink, red, sky blue and even canary yellow, the G4 will earn you impressed looks from fashionistas and random people on the street alike. The phone’s other features — from a 16-megapixel camera to slightly curved design to a 5.5-inch IPS Quantum display with Quad HD resolution for an impressively sharp display — won’t disappoint.
Wireless headphones that look as good as they sound
Do any sort of air travel and you know that the most important thing is being able to tune out and relax with your, well, tunes. Many noise-cancelling headphones are big and bulky, not to mention their cords can get horribly tangled. The Polk Hinge Wireless Headphones come in several colours including camel, navy, and black. But the best part is they are completely wireless and compatible with your Bluetooth device — if you touch it to the headphones, they automatically connect.
A smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch
Smartwatches represent the conflict between technology and style. These devices can do everything from sensing your heart rate to tracking your workouts to allowing you to check Facebook. But they often leave something to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. Not so with the Martian Notifier Smartwatch. This slick watch has all the features you’d expect from a modern smartwatch, with the added bonus that it looks ultramodern and decidedly chic. The Martian Notifier and its sister watch, the Martian Voice Command, even come in various cool colours.
Get technology wrapped around your finger
If you want to control your phone or receive notifications on an even smaller device, why not try out a smart ring? The Mota Ring has both masculine and feminine versions (black or pearl) and its main selling feature is that it allows you to control your tech interruptions throughout the day by turning off your phone but still staying connected. With a twirl of the ring, surreptitiously scroll through Twitter, text messages or Instagram while on a date or at a meeting.
A charger and tote in one
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dump your phone in the bottom of your purse AND have it charging in there at the same time, with no annoying cords to remember? The Everpurse, which looks like a simple clutch bag, can keep that puppy charged up for 96 hours, just by tucking it into a special pocket inside. There’s even a new Kate Spade version coming this fall.

If you’re looking for a phone to match your immaculate fashion sense (or even elevate it), look no further than the LG G4.

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