06/23/2015 11:08 EDT

How To Get Rid Of Every Annoying Summer Stain

Summer is in full swing, but for some of us (alright, most of us), this also means a whole new kind of stain, thanks to BBQs, sunscreen and the great outdoors.

In the video above by Good Housekeeping, we learn how to get rid of every annoying summer stain from condiments to ice pops to nature's finest offerings (like grass and mud).

Some of the things you will need to keep handy for these tips include liquid detergent, white vinegar and of course, water. And while you can find most of these tools in your kitchen, the video also suggests having traditional stain remover available as well.

Another common stain you may experience this season is your own sweat. But don't worry, there's a trick for that too. Real Simple suggests drying your armpits throughout the day with paper towels or using a pre-wash stain remover before you throw your clothes in the laundry.

Cheers to a stain-free summer (for the most part)!

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