06/24/2015 02:54 EDT | Updated 06/24/2015 03:59 EDT

Airdrie Child Found In Cardboard Box Instead Of Car Seat

Supplied: Alberta RCMP

Instead of sitting in a car seat where a child belongs, an Alberta RCMP officer was surprised to find a preschooler playing in a cardboard box during a traffic stop Tuesday.

Sergeant Darrin Turnbull pulled over a vehicle for speeding in Airdire, and when he approached the car he noticed a cardboard box moving around in the backseat.

“I asked what was in the box — and I was shocked when I saw a child’s hand pop out and wave.”

The driver claimed the child refused to sit in a car seat, and wanted to use the box, instead.

"It was obvious who was in charge of things in that vehicle — but the adult got the ticket.”"

The driver was charged with speeding and failing to properly secure a child in a motor vehicle.

“I know it is sometimes easier to just give in, but when it comes to safety of a child, the adults and not the kids must be in charge,” said Turnbull.

The name of the adult charged will not be released to protect the privacy of the child.

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