06/24/2015 02:31 EDT | Updated 06/24/2015 02:59 EDT

Dad Catches Foul Ball While Holding Son At Chicago Cubs Game. But He Shouldn't Have.

Nice catch, dad. But next time, just let the players play.

Keith Hartley reached into the field of play and caught a foul ball while holding his son Isaac during a game between the Dodgers and the Cubs at Chicago's Wrigley Field on Tuesday.

The catch came off a pop fly by Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel, which Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez chased toward the stands in an effort to secure a third out. He looked like he was about to catch it but Hartley snagged the ball with one hand as Isaac drank from a bottle in the other.

The play was initially ruled a foul ball out of play, but the umpire later reversed it and gave the Dodgers their third out. They even thanked Hartley for making the catch on Twitter.

"It would have been more impressive if the baby would have caught it," Gonzalez said.

The Cubs won the game 1-0.

There's no question that Hartley made a great catch. But maybe next time, make sure it doesn't interfere with the play?

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