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NewsAlert: Halifax man found not guilty of threats to police in chemicals case

HALIFAX - A Halifax man accused of threatening police with a rare, dangerous chemical has been found not guilty of threatening police and possessing a dangerous weapon.Christopher Phillips was arrested inside an Ottawa hotel on Jan. 21 after police found a large stockpile of his chemicals in two locations in Nova Scotia.The chemicals prompted evacuations in Nova Scotia and at the Ottawa hotel where he was found.The accused has been in jail for more than five months after pleading not guilty to the charges of threatening police officers and possessing a dangerous weapon — the chemical osmium tetroxide.During the trial, Judge David MacAdam heard from a chemist who testified that it's questionable whether the osmium tetroxide that Phillips had could have been a useful weapon.Phillips's lawyer, Mike Taylor, has said his client was joking when he sent an email to a friend suggesting he could throw some of the chemical at officers if they entered his home.

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