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Ryan Reynolds Instagram: The Star Is Under Fire For How He Wears Baby James

"Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual.”

A sweet Father’s Day snap of Ryan Reynolds holding his baby girl James in a carrier has quickly come under fire.

Posted by the Vancouver-born actor’s wife Blake Lively on Sunday, the Instagram photo shows Reynolds smiling at the camera as his baby girl is strapped to his chest in a carrier. While the image received over 336,000 likes, many voiced their concerns over how six-month-old James was being carried.

“Babies aren’t meant to hang perfectly straight with legs dangling,” wrote one Instagram user, “as this position puts them at risk for developing hip dysplasia.”

Another said: “Poor baby looks so uncomfortable and unsafe. Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual.”

According to BabyWearing Institute president Beate Frome, the commenters are correct. Baby James’ feet should not be hanging straight down.

“Her legs should be spread apart 90 degrees and 100 degrees up,” Frome told Yahoo Parenting. “Having the legs together is essentially like having baby on a cradle board, which can lead to hip dysplasia. In a straight-leg position like this, the hip is essentially pushed out of the socket.”

Despite the controversy, many users came to Reynold’s defense. “Perfect parents out there raise your hands!” one wrote. “No hands? That's what I thought! The 1st time I baby wore I had no freaking clue what I was doing. You live and you learn! Keep up the good work.”

Another commented: “Although baby James is not in the most ideal position for this carrier, it’s really wonderful to see a happy dad trying his best to follow his instincts and snuggle his baby close."

This isn’t the first time a celebrity couple has been under fire for parenting mistakes. Back in March, Kim Kardashian raised alarm when she posted a photo of North West wearing a pearl necklace while she slept. And back in 2013, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were criticized for improperly installing a car seat for Prince George.


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