06/25/2015 09:34 EDT | Updated 06/25/2016 05:59 EDT

Andrew Stones jumps for his life as float plane collides with boat

A B.C. man is lucky to have escaped unscathed after a float plane collided with his tiny skiff off the shores of the Sunshine Coast.

This past April, Andrew Stones was making his usual trek from the shore to his houseboat when he heard a float plane approaching from behind.

The sound of the propellers got louder and louder until he realized that the aircraft was headed straight for him.

"It was only 20 feet away from me when I decided 'Ok that's it. I got to jump,'" said Stones. "As I went over the front of the skiff I could hear the rumbling and banging going over top of me."

"For an odd reason I didn't have my life jacket on which is a good thing because if I had the life jacket on I would have bobbed to the surface and got rolled underneath the skiff and the plane."

After surfacing, Stones climbed back onto his skiff, which was between the pontoons of the float plane.  

"I lay on my back and did 10 big deep breaths. To be honest with you, all I could think of was 'I got run over by a plane.'"

"I kept looking at myself. I kept looking at my legs and my arms and my hands and thinking 'Oh my God. I am still here. How did that happen?'"

Harbour Air, the company that owns the float plane, has offered Stones a settlement of $5,000 plus an outboard motor and a new set of oars.

Stones hasn't yet decided whether to accept the offer.