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Readers Share Stories Of The Best Teachers They've Ever Had

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A treasure from the family archives... That's my mother in law Mary Ellen Page Sr. (Murnie) on the left, with other teachers from Tolono Jr. High School. Circa 1966. (No I didn't take the shot, I was only six!)

A good teacher can make a world of difference for a student.

Just ask our readers.

That’s exactly what we did and we received a flood of responses, with stories about teachers who’ve made surprising impacts on their students’ lives.

Whether they were educators who inspired their students to explore the world or those who embraced no-frills, blunt deskside manners — here are some teaching styles that stayed with these students for a long time after school ended.

Have a story about a favourite teacher of your own? Share it with us below, and we'll add it in!

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