06/25/2015 18:13 EDT | Updated 06/25/2016 01:12 EDT

Provincial breakdown of public and private sector job growth rates

TORONTO - The Fraser Institute released a report Thursday on job growth rates in Canada's public and private sectors between 2003 until 2013. Here is a provincial breakdown of those figures:Newfoundland and Labrador:Public sector: 11.8Private sector: 14.0___Nova Scotia:Public sector: 12.6Private sector: 1.1___New Brunswick:Public sector: 9.7Private sector: 2.1___Prince Edward Island:Public sector: 20.9Private sector: 10.9___Quebec:Public sector: 16.1Private sector: 10.1___Ontario:Public sector: 27.6Private sector: 5.6___Manitoba:Public sector: 15.6Private sector: 12.1___Saskatchewan:Public sector: 22.9Private sector: 16.0___Alberta:Public sector: 31.9Private sector: 29.3___British Columbia:Public sector: 24.3Private sector: 14.0(Source: The Fraser Institute)