06/25/2015 04:07 EDT | Updated 06/25/2016 05:59 EDT

Staff at Montana's restaurant in Saskatoon help deliver baby girl

SASKATOON - Staff members at a Montana’s restaurant were delivering more than just food Wednesday night after a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant went into labour.

A couple came into the establishment about 10:30 p.m. to pick up their takeout. The woman snuck into the bathroom because she wasn’t feeling well.

Chelsey Friske was serving at the time and was asked by the woman’s boyfriend to check on her.

“When I went in there, she asked if we could call an ambulance for her because she really wasn’t doing very well," said Friske. "So I went and told my manager. When I went back in to tell her the ambulance was on the way, she was holding a baby in her hands."

The woman had given birth to a baby 10 months ago and didn’t know she was pregnant, Friske said.

“It was quite a shock.”

She ran to the kitchen and opened up a fresh package of clean aprons to wrap the baby in.

General manager Tanya Kalyn said staff at Montana’s are only trained in first aid so they waited for paramedics to arrive to cut the cord.

“Everybody is really excited that we had that experience and we wish the couple all the best,” Kalyn said.