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Meet Iamsengs: A Photographer With An Eye For The Geometric

My love for photography started at the age of 13 when my parents bought me my first camera.


This week we introduce you to another Vancouver photographer with an eye for shapes, angles and more. Meet @Iamsengs. Here he is in his own words:

Hi, my name is Seng Sengsavanh and I'm an interior designer and educator based in Vancouver. My love for photography started at the age of 13 when my parents bought me my first camera. Today, I shoot mainly with my iPhone 6.

What do you love taking photos of?

I love taking photos of people, places and things. I enjoy mixing up my subjects and styles. Being trained in art and design, my eyes are constantly drawn to visual elements in architecture and nature. They usually become the visual foundation of my photo.

What’s your favourite photo/instagram tip? Did you take a photo that demonstrates this?

The rule of thirds is a good one. Basically, you are breaking down your photo into thirds both vertically and horizontally, creating nine equal parts. The lines themselves and the points where they intersect become where you should place your points of interest (an architectural element, a person walking by, etc). This isn't always the best rule for every shot though; sometimes having your subject right in the middle of the frame works best. It's your photo so do whatever you want with it…just have fun in the process!

Can you share an outtake or a photo from the cutting-room floor? For example, a picture you took but didn’t decide to use. Tell us the story behind this photo?

I took this photo last summer but didn't post it until recently. I didn't think it would fit in with my other photos so I left it on "the cutting room floor." However, now that I'm intentionally being more eclectic with my photography, I decided to post the photo.

Throwback Thursday! Pick a photo you love from your archive. Tell us about it.

This is a photo I took a few months ago. I love the original composition but since I was posting square images at the time, I decided to crop it and make it black and white. Now that I'm posting my photos in 4:3 format, I decided to post the original.

Follow Friday. Which Instagrammers do you love? Who inspires you to take better photos? Tell us about them.

I am inspired daily by the creativity I see within the Instagram community. A few of my personal favorites are @chrisozer, @moneal, @nicole_franzen, @thisparentinglife, and @miandyue. I use the Instagram “search” function on a regular basis. I scroll through the images and there are always a few that draw me in. This is where I sometimes find new feeds to follow.

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