06/26/2015 03:12 EDT | Updated 06/26/2015 03:59 EDT

The Ultimate Guide To Fangirling As A Grown-Ass Woman

No band T-shirt necessary.

If you think an obsession with pop music, boy bands, hip-hop artists, or any artists who can combine the art of both song and dance will end once you’re an "adult" (and/or a "grown up"), you are sadly mistaken -- or a person I don’t care to know.

The truth is, your adult income will fuel even more fangirl/boying, and also allow you to invest in head to toe Beyonce gear. And frankly, full bless. But there’s something a little too intense about showing up to work wearing Official One Direction Merchandise™ and trying to look like a person who should be in charge of whatever it is you’re in charge of at work.

A T-shirt? Sure. But there are easier and more subtle ways to wear your heart on your sleeve than storming into Ardene and cleaning out all their 5SOS merch. I am here to show you those ways. Enter: your guidebook to fangirling as a grown-ass woman.

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