25 Times Canadians Schooled Americans At Being Funny

If there's one thing you can say for Canadians, it's that we're good for a laugh. Several, in fact.

There's so much we could celebrate about Canada as its 148th birthday approaches.

This country has great food, wonderful scenery and people love to meet us wherever we travel.

Maybe that's because we know how to tell a great joke. And take one, too.

"So, what are you in for?" from 'You Only Move Twice'. Season 8, Episode 2

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Canada has spawned a string of talented comedic minds over its history, from Lorne Michaels and Catherine O'Hara, to Russell Peters and Samantha Bee.

They have revolutionized comedy in shows like "SCTV" and movies like "Ghostbusters." And they have inspired great comedians south of the border.

We're a quirky bunch ... and maybe that's what makes us so well-suited for the stage and the screen.

Here are 25 times Canadians schooled Americans at being funny:

This is basically the "friend zone."

"Actor. Singer. Dancer. Model. CanEHdian."

Norm Macdonald has said he stole SNL's "Celebrity Jeopardy," "note for note" from "Half-Wits."

"You like handcuffs?" he asked her.