06/26/2015 12:03 EDT | Updated 06/26/2015 12:59 EDT

New Scientific Study Explains Why You Hate Your Clothes

Feel like you have nothing to wear? This is probably why.

Have a full closet but nothing to wear? Story of our life!

It turns out that when we complain we have nothing to wear (while our loved ones point us towards the giant mountain of "no clothes" on our bed), we have a legitimate reason to justify our feelings. That's right: science.

According to a Eureka Alert study in the Journal of Market Research, you tend to like your clothes less when you when you wear them for purposes other than your original intentions when you purchased them.

For example, the reason why you're not loving those pair of printed pants you thought would be perfect for work is because you're wearing them on nights out and to events.

"Across many different products and usage scenarios, we found the same result: when people perceived more variety among a product's usage situations, they liked the product less," the study reported.

So, essentially, the more we wear our clothing, the more we dislike it...meaning if we want to like what we're wearing, we'll always have to buy new items, which can get costly.

Luckily Cosmopolitan has an easy solution -- change how you perceive your clothing.

Make purchases based on a variety of factors, not the one occasion or situation you think a piece of clothing will be perfect for. After all, that skirt doesn't only have to be worn in the office. Wear it with sneakers on your day off, or to events with some statement jewelry.

So basically, we should start getting creative with our clothing, and that's something we can seriously get behind.

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