06/26/2015 07:32 EDT | Updated 06/26/2016 05:59 EDT

Women's 'Diamond Dig' contest by Victoria baseball team branded 'demeaning'

An amateur Victoria baseball team is being criticized for an upcoming contest that invites women to dig through dirt with spoons for jewelry.

The Victoria HarbourCats are billing the ladies-first promotion as its first-ever Diamond Dig. Participating women will dig for buried ring boxes, in hopes of finding a winning box containing a $1,000 gift certificate to a local jewellery store.

"For me it's not so much that it is offensive, that's such a strong word, maybe demeaning," said Janni Aragon, a political science professor at the University of Victoria, and HarbourCats season ticketholder.  

Aragon says that she had a polite conversation with HarbourCats general manager Jim Swanson about her concerns and both agreed to disagree.

"I love the team, love the management and I just love baseball. I will still be very supportive of the team, but it's just this little moment where I think, 'Could we have had different contests?'"

Swanson told CBC News the event will be going ahead as planned and is not commenting on the backlash the event has received.

Aragon says she will be attending Sunday's game and believes the event can be turned into a teachable moment.

"I am not one to tell another parent how to raise their kids. For me, if I had both my daughters there, I would turn to them and speak to them about this particular moment and say how I would not participate in it."

To hear the full interview, listen to the audio labelled Victoria HarbourCats 'Diamond Dig' promotion criticized.