06/27/2015 05:31 EDT | Updated 06/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Bryson Burgess, 11, competes in yo-yo regional championships

Bryson Burgess is just 11 years old, and this weekend he'll compete for the first time in the Western Canadian Regional Yo-Yo Championships in Kelowna.

Here's how he described the trick he performed for CBC Radio West host Rebecca Zandbergen: 

"You throw the yo-yo, then you land it on the string. Then you land it on your wrist, around your other hand, and then back through the strings. Then you go over with your finger twice. Then have the yo-yo go around, and then you pull your finger over and around. Then you twist your other hand, and then you let go."

It's probably just easier to watch him perform it.

"I couldn't count how many tricks I know, but I'd say maybe in the hundreds, maybe," Burgess said.

"I just like all the stuff you can do with it, because there's pretty much endless possibilities with just a string and something to hold it on."  

The competition takes place at Okanagan Mission Community Centre June 27.

To hear the full interview with Bryson Burgess, listen to the audio labelled: Yo-yo competition.