06/28/2015 09:58 EDT | Updated 06/28/2015 09:59 EDT

Ouch: Here's What's Happened To The Price Of A Canada Day BBQ

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If you’ve noticed your Canada Day food bill rising in recent years, you’re not alone. The price of meat in particular has been soaring, and this year is sadly no exception.

Though you can expect to pay considerably (maybe shockingly) more for beef, price hikes in chicken and pork have slowed down, so if you’re looking to save a little cash, this may be a good year to go with chicken burgers and ribs (and veggie burgers) instead of hamburgers and steak.

And it’s not all bad news: Some of the items typically found on a Canada Day table — such as soft drinks and paper towels — have actually come down in price, according to data from Statistics Canada.

And the decline in oil prices has a side benefit here, too: The price of the propane you’ll need to grill your food has fallen sharply since its peak last year.

Here’s how prices for Canada Day food items have changed over the past year:

  • Hamburger (ground beef): up 18.4%
  • Sirloin steak: up 23.4%
  • Pork chops: up 1.7%
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  • Chicken: up 4.5%
  • Veggie burgers: Probably down in price
    StatsCan doesn’t track veggie burger prices but the key ingredient in many, soybean, has come down 25% to 30% in price over the last year.
  • Hot dog wieners: up 13.3%
  • Hot dog/hamburger buns (bread): up 2.8%
  • Ketchup: up 5.7%
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    Sorry, StatsCan doesn’t track retail mustard or relish prices.
  • Onions: down 28.5%(!)
  • Potatoes for potato salad: down 1.2%
  • Cola-type soft drinks: down 0.5%
  • Paper towels: down 3%
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  • Propane: down 18.1%
    Down 46.7% from its peak in February, 2014.
  • And, of course, booze: up 3.4%
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