06/29/2015 07:59 EDT | Updated 06/29/2016 05:59 EDT

Ryan Bjolverud, Calgary Firefighter, Drowns In B.C.

CALGARY - A 32-year-old Calgary firefighter who lost his life while canoeing in eastern British Columbia is being remembered as a proud and enthusiastic member of his department.

Ryan Bjolverud drowned on Sunday when his canoe capsized on Columbia Lake and he tried to swim to shore.

RCMP have confirmed Bjolverud was not wearing a life-jacket and alcohol was a factor.

Calgary fire Chief Steve Dongworth says the firefighter's father is an assistant deputy chief with the Calgary Fire Department so it's a tough time for members.

Bjolverud was in his third year with the department and was working in different stations.

Funeral arrangements were being made.

"He was a very proud, enthusiastic firefighter is all I can say today," Dongworth said Monday.

"We have an exceptional group of people and Ryan was one of those exceptional people."



Mourning A Fallen Firefighter