This Is Why You Should Eat Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

Spiral hot dogs aren't just trendy, they're tastier too!

No summer barbecue is complete without hot dogs. They're quick, easy to grill and kids (and let's be honest, adults) love them.

But according to CHOW, we've been cooking them all wrong. The chefs and owners of New York City's The Meatball Shop explained to the site that spiral cut hot dogs aren't just on trend this summer, they are also crispier, more evenly cooked, better for trapping condiments and they reduce the bun-to-meat ratio of the whole meal.

And the greatest part is they are easy to make at home. Watch the video above to learn the simple technique to cooking the best hot dogs of the summer. Gourmet hot dogs are on the rise in North America with Canadians consuming 75 million hot dogs outside of the home in 2014, CBC reports. Check out the slideshow below for delicious topping ideas you can serve up at home.

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