06/30/2015 12:08 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 12:59 EDT

New ‘100 Years Of Beauty' Video Explores Russian Hair And Makeup Trends is back with another “100 Years of Beauty” video. This time, it’s all about gorgeous Russian women and the changing styles that have defined them over the past century.

The short clip starts off in the 1910s, demonstrating the trending soft, subtle makeup and romantic hairstyles that were popular at the time. The video then moves forward to the present, showing us how Russian makeup and hairstyles got bigger and bolder through time.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Monday, the video has received a lot of positive feedback. Noting our obvious fascination with these clips, one user wrote: “Isn't it cool to see the exact same trends rise and fall throughout the globe? We're a lot more interconnected than we realize.”

Watch the video above to see 100 years of Russian beauty.

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