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Hells Angels bunker in Quebec to be torn down over the next few weeks

TROIS-RIVIERES, Que. - The former Hells Angels stronghold in a town halfway between Montreal and Quebec City is being demolished.A Crown spokesman says the bunker in Trois-Rivieres was formally seized by the Quebec government as proceeds of crime and will be razed.Jean-Pascal Boucher says it was always the government's intention to demolish the notorious red-roofed landmark.The building, worth $357,000 according to the city, had been seized by authorities in 2009 during a police sweep against the criminal biker gang.Quebec Superior Court ordered the bunker confiscated in May when 14 members from the chapter pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit murder.Boucher says the $34,000 it will cost to tear it down will be funded by selling wares seized in raids on organized crime, while levelling the building will take up to two weeks.Negotiations are ongoing to have the land returned to the city.

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