06/30/2015 08:53 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 08:59 EDT

Iconic Canadian Looks That Trump The Canadian Tuxedo


July 1 brings with it many emotions. First, national pride. Second, fear, after hearing an unexpected firework. (Seriously, who even are you, people setting them off in the day?) And lastly, a complete lack of style inspiration.

It’s true. For one day every year, we’re expected to sacrifice our favourite pieces and our taste by subscribing to a colour code that consists only of red (which not everybody looks great in -- mainly me) and white (which I will for sure spill on).

But not this year. This year, we’ve rounded up the inherently Canadian looks that not only trump the red and white colour code, but Canada’s other unofficial uniform: the Canadian tuxedo. (We get it, you guys -- Canadians like denim.) So now, you, me, and everybody else can pay homage to the other aesthetics that dictate Canadian style culture.

Iconic Canadian Looks