Lauren Sesselmann Takes On 'Classless, Negative People' After Game Slip

You'd think she was the first person to make a mistake.

While Canada may have lost their chance at a FIFA medal this year during the Women's World Cup in their home country, we're still cheering them on for their valiant efforts on the pitch — and general awesomeness off of it too.

But it seems not everyone is taking it quite as well, with defender Lauren Sesselmann bearing the brunt of some fans' rage. Sesselman, whose feet got tangled up in the ball early in Saturday's game, is being blamed for England's early lead, and subsequent win.

It's the kind of mistake that could happen to any athlete, as Sesselmann, her teammates and her coach (who opted to keep her in the game) are well aware. But considering some of the vitriol she's experienced (including being called amateur and disastrous), you'd think she was the first person to make a mistake.

Fortunately, soccer players are tough, and in an impassioned Instagram post, Sesselmann called out just those people who don't recognize teamwork in all its forms. Take a look at the message in full here:

Words cannot describe how utterly heartbroken I am. The tears have not stopped flowing and this one is going to hurt for a really really long time. Yes I slipped, yes they scored and yes you can blame me all you want..If that's what makes you feel better fine. No one knows how hard I worked to get back from injury to be a part of this special team and make a difference. I know my worth and I know all the great things I've done to help this team get here. For all you classless people with your negative comments and threats you know absolutely nothing. You can sit there and choose to focus on every negative and pick apart our team BUT you have NO IDEA how much passion, heart and hard work this team puts in. No matter what any of you say I am so damn proud to wear this jersey and so damn proud of what we have accomplished and how hard we fought. Yes we arn't perfect and yes we ALL made mistakes, every great athlete makes mistakes..YOU even make's part of life...but it's how you respond that matters, and we never stopped fighting. And I can promise you all this...WE WILL be back and WE WILL be better. THANK YOU to all the fans who have supported us thru thick and thin...and Thank you to my friends and family...Who ALWAYS believe in me and pick me up when I fall. I am so proud to play alongside all of these beautiful and talented women...This truly will be a journey I will never forget. I ❤️ you all and can't wait for what's to come. The future is extremely bright. #TrueNorthStrong #Family #Sisterhood #TogetherWeRise🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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