25 Netflix Titles To Watch For Canada Day

There are so many ways for Canadians to celebrate their country on July 1.

They could go hiking; they could swim in a lake; they could chow down on maple syrup-drenched pancakes at a community breakfast.

Or they could turn to the small screen to appreciate the wonderful entertainment that Canada has to offer.

Netflix has a lengthy series of great titles that were either produced by Canadians, or that borrowed our surroundings in the service of Hollywood blockbusters. And both make us proud to live here.

Here are 25 Netflix titles to watch for Canada Day (story continues below slideshow):

And not to play favourites (it wouldn't be very Canadian of us), but here are a few we recommend highly:

Titles About Canada:

"Trailer Park Boys"

Laugh along as Ricky and Julian (Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay) struggle to make a quick buck selling dope in Nova Scotia's Sunnyvale Trailer Park. They just can't stop running afoul of Randy (Patrick Roach) and Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth).


This CBC series follows the travails of a family running a horse ranch in Alberta's Rocky Mountains.

Titles That Were Filmed Here:

"Brokeback Mountain"

Alberta's wild country serves as a gorgeous filming location for this love story about two cowboys (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) who herd sheep in the mountains of Wyoming.

"The X-Files"

"Spot the Vancouver landmark" is a game you can play while watching "The X-Files," a spooky sci-fi series that ran from 1993 to 2002. The show was filmed in Lotusland and other communities throughout British Columbia.