06/30/2015 09:39 EDT | Updated 06/30/2016 05:59 EDT

Pan Am Games: Victoria's Emma Fletcher prepares for national spotlight

Team Canada may have suffered a disappointing lost in the FIFA Women's World Cup, but Victoria's Emma Fletcher isn't letting that defeat dampen her spirits as she gears up for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

In fact, Kadeisha Buchanan, Ashley Lawrence and Jessie Fleming from the World Cup team will join Fletcher and other young players on the women's national team next month, when they take on Ecuador at the Pan Am Games on July 11.

Fleming, the only B.C. player on the team, says she's looking forward to learning from the World Cup players.

"The last World Cup, they obviously didn't do nearly as well as they did this time, so the improvement they've shown is amazing," she told All Points West.

"I think that's really important to look at the positives in that."

Fletcher, a midfielder, was key in leading Canada to an appearance in the quarterfinals of the FIFA U-20 World Cup last summer, playing in all four games and totaling 283 minutes throughout the tournament.

She grew up playing soccer on Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and recently transferred her college soccer career from Louisiana State University to UC Berkeley.

To prep for the Pan Am Games, she's been working out on Vancouver Island and practicing with the Victoria Highlanders FC to get her speed up.

Though there will be some unfamiliar faces on the Canadian women's team, Fletcher says she's not worried about whether they can all work together seamlessly.

"Once you're on the field, those kinds of things either come naturally, or don't, I guess," she said.

"Some players you mesh with, some players you don't, and that's not even something, really, you can always train. We'll see how it is. It'll be fun."

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