06/30/2015 05:08 EDT | Updated 06/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Walmart ISIS Cake Prompts Apology After Chain Refused A Confederate Flag Design

Walmart has issued an apology for a cake decorated with the ISIS logo after a customer complained he couldn't have one with the Confederate flag.

In a video posted to YouTube last Friday, Chuck Netzhammer said he went to a Walmart in Slidell, La., and requested a cake that would be decorated with the Confederate flag and the slogan, "Heritage Not Hate." Walmart refused Netzhammer's request.

He later went back to the store and was able to obtain a cake printed with the symbol for ISIS, "somebody who we're fighting against right now, and are killing our men and boys overseas, and are beheading Christians."

"Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating southern Americans with this trash you are allowing to be sold in your store, while at the same point, Confederate flag memorabilia is not allowed?" Netzhammer asked at the end of the video.

The company later apologized for the ISIS cake, saying in a statement to NBC, "It's unfortunate that one customer sought to take advantage of an associate who did not know the flag or its meaning. This cake should not have been made and we apologize for the mistake."

In a separate statement to ABC News, Walmart said it is working to "remove all items promoting the Confederate flag from our assortment — whether in our stores or on or website."

It isn't the only business to ban the sale of the flag. Canada's The Flag Shop has also stopped sales of the item "until further notice."

The moves came after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called for the flag to be pulled from the state capitol in Charleston, after Dylann Roof was charged with murdering nine people at a black church in the city.

Roof, who is believed to have had racial motivations for the alleged murders, had the Confederate flag on his car's license plate; he was also pictured wearing the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa.

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