07/02/2015 11:26 EDT | Updated 07/02/2015 11:59 EDT

Break-Up Text: Tween Shows Us All How To Deal With A Cheater

An 11-year-old girl just sent her boyfriend the most hilarious break-up text we’ve ever seen!

On Monday, 17-year-old Madi Nickens from Texas tweeted out screenshots of her younger sister’s conversation with her now ex-boyfriend Joey. In the messages, the young girl calls out Joey for cheating. After admittedly giving him two chances, she says: “Don’t talk to me in middle school. I didn’t even love you.”

But when Joey fires back that she “obviously loved him a little bit” because she bought him Starbucks one time, the girl comes back with so much sass.

“Ding ding ding,” the text reads. “Oh what was that? Oh yeah, the elevator cause you’re not on my level. I won this fight. We’re over for real this time.”

The tween’s hilarious break-up has now gone viral, with over 14,000 retweets and 21,000 favourites!

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