07/02/2015 05:00 EDT

Natural Ways To Lighten Your Hair This Summer

You may notice your hair can change colours after exposure to the sun, but if you're game to experiment, there are natural ways to get fake highlights.

In the video above by Buzz60, we learn some quick hacks on how to get lighter hair this summer, while also learning about how it affects your coif. For example, lemon juice, which is known to lighten hair, can also result in dry hair.

For a quick fix, mix your lemon juice with oil.

Now while people with light-coloured hair are seemingly the best candidates for this DIY project, men and women with darker-coloured hair should be particularly cautious. Using lemon or honey on dark hair may essentially lighten it, but you may end up with a brassy colour as opposed to a yellow tone, Yahoo notes.

But the news outlet also reports cinnamon can be a good alternative to avoid orange hues.

Let us know, how do you lighten your hair naturally?


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