07/02/2015 02:21 EDT | Updated 07/02/2015 02:59 EDT

Ron Planche's Video Shows We Can Use More 'Edgy' Campaigning

YouTube commenters called it "crappy" and "ridiculous." The National Post called it "the most bizarre political pitch you are likely to see this election year."

But to Ron Planche, the video (embedded above) to garner support for his bid for the Liberal nomination in Niagara Falls is "edgy," "artistic" and "different."

Ron Planche/YouTube

It sure is different. A masterclass in bumpy video editing, the clip cuts so randomly that, as the Post's Ishmael Daro points out, the video seems like "a draft version that accidentally got published online." Zoomed in, blurry footage of Planche's face, as well as background music that sounds like it was made solely to parody the Olympics don't help either.

"I was going for artsy and different with this one, while Ron stayed true and honest in his speech delivery," wrote Nathan Chamberland, the video's director, in the Post's comments section. "The idea was to do something different — perhaps catch some attention. It seemed to have worked!"

Ron Planche/YouTube

Planche told the Niagara Falls Review that the first incarnation of the video was "so boring" and that he needed to get people talking about his message. It must have worked, since he secured the Liberal nomination on Monday, pitting him up against Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson in the upcoming election.

Of course, a video like Planche's can't simply appear on the Internet without being morphed into an even more bizarre creation. The Syrup Trap, "Canada's favourite humour magazine," somehow managed that incredible feat. Watch the mind-bending remix of Planche's video below:

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