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Why You Suffer From Back Pain, According To Science

Your mother always told you to sit up straight, and now scientists are saying the same thing — but possibly for a different reason.

In the video above, DNews attempts to explain what exactly is causing back pain across North America. The conversation started when posture specialist Esther Gokhale explained she had conducted a cross-cultural study to find out why chronic back pain was so common in some cultures and non-existent in others, NPR reports.

In her study, Gokhale says our understanding of the spine is wrong, suggesting that it should really make a 'J' shape and not an S shape, as we currently believe. But the science experts at DNews say Gokhale's findings aren't really scientific — so they found sources that were.

The research looks back to the original purpose and use for the human body, including things like sleeping in the grass vs. sleeping on a pillowtop mattress and yes, even the way you poo.

Watch the video above to how the way you sit and poop affect your whole body.

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