07/03/2015 04:55 EDT | Updated 07/03/2015 04:59 EDT

How To Make A Giant Oreo Cake At Home (Or Just Watch In Awe)

Stand back wedding cakes, there's a new giant dessert in town and it may be the best one we've ever seen.

In a video from Japanese recipe site Mosogourmet, we're shown how to bake a gigantic Oreo (or OK, the more generic "sandwich cookie") cake, with the help of a slew of ingredients (all of which are listed under the YouTube video). And yes, Oreos are definitely involved.

It's the perfect creation for your Oreo-loving pal's birthday party, or just a fantastic way to celebrate the beauty that is an incredibly indulgent dessert.

While we were unable to find the exact pan set (which has now been discontinued by Williams-Sonoma), there is a similar one available at, should you be so inclined to try this out at home.

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