07/03/2015 04:37 EDT | Updated 07/03/2015 05:00 EDT

Men Trying On Women's Swimwear Looks Exactly Like You'd Imagine

What happens when four men sample four different styles of women's bathing suits? A lot of laughs — but not that there's anything wrong with that.

In a new video, Buzzfeed solicits a handful of male volunteers to try on a bikini, monokini, one-piece swimsuit and a tankini so they can experience what a day at the beach might feel like in this attire. Though the participants never reveal their names, they each share their thoughts on women's swimwear before, during and after they're fitted to splash around.

Opening up the conversation, one volunteer says "to be honest, I'm a little self-conscious," while two others announce they're uncertain about the variety of women's bathing suits on the market.

"I know there's a one piece, and I know there's a bikini," said one contributor.

"That's it?" asked another member. "How many bathing suits can there be?"

Well, apparently there's at least four kinds of water-friendly clothing to choose from. Following a comedy of errors and a multitude of unflattering wardrobe malfunctions, one participant declared, "I think women should wear whatever they feel good in."

It's hard to disagree with that.


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