07/03/2015 11:39 EDT | Updated 07/03/2015 12:59 EDT

Neffa's Chameleon Mood Scarf Changes Colours Based On How You Feel

Imagine your next Instagram caption reading: "Current mood: scarf."

That's now a possibility, with Neffa's chameleon mood scarf. The stylish silk-chiffon accessory can change its colour, look and pattern based on a variety of factors — including UV light and temperature — due to its heat-responsive thermochromic ink. The Dutch-designed scarf also feeds off of its user's temperament, much like the mood rings of yours.

Similar to its namesake lizard, which famously alters its appearance based on its environment, the accessory sees its striped print vanish when the body's temperature rises or if a person is feeling angry or stressed out. But the textile company insists this "blend in" feature can carry some emotional benefit to the wearer, and help create a "permanent sense of comfort, warmth, peace and safety." On the other hand, if a person is satisfied and maintains a regulated body heat, the scarf's colours will brighten up, to help its user stand out more in a crowd.

While the clothing manufacturer promises this multi-layered accessory fits within their mandate of "translating technology into surprising, tangible results," it remains to be seen if these camouflaging qualities will better one's mental well-being.

After all, how effective can a scarf be in calming you down while stuck in rush hour traffic, or when on a tight deadline at work? Regardless, its high concept and innovative spin on wellness and fashion makes it worth a shot.


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