07/03/2015 03:43 EDT | Updated 07/03/2015 03:59 EDT

10 Fashionable YouTube Closets We Want To Raid

MakeupbyMandy24 YouTube

YouTubers are great inspirations when it comes to fashion. They inspire us to be ourselves, take chances, and also dress on point.

The platform has its own fashion community dedicated to style tips and tricks, that generally include clothing hauls and closet tours. We're talking about YouTubers with new clothing pieces every other week or the ones with high-end staples we can only dream of.

But for the most part, fashion-savvy vloggers often teach us how to make outfits work within our budgets. Here are 10 of the YouTubers that have us looking to expand our styles every time they show up in our subscription page.

YouTubers Whose Closets We Want To Raid

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