07/04/2015 10:25 EDT | Updated 07/04/2015 10:59 EDT

Dog Exhausted After B.C. Hike Gets Some Help From Rescuers

The use of a helicopter was donated for free by the owner.

Fraser, a 120-pound lab, needed some help Thursday after he and his owner hiked up the popular Norvan Falls trail in B.C.

The dog couldn't make the walk back on the hot day due to cuts on his paws and exhaustion, said a blog from North Shore Rescue.

Hikers noticed the dog and owner in distress and called for help. Lynn Headwaters Regional Park staff started going up with a stretcher.

Meanwhile, Talon Helicopter’s owner Peter Murray — who has a soft spot for dogs — offered one of his choppers free of charge. North Shore Rescue volunteers were able to fly to a relatively close helipad and then hike in to meet Fraser and his owner.

All the helpers strapped the dog into a stretcher and to the waiting chopper about three kilometres away.

Everyone was able to get out safely before dark.

North Shore Rescue jumps in to help save dogs because otherwise, their owners might put themselves in danger by trying to do it themselves, the volunteer group's Jeff Yarnold told CBC News.

Safe to say, Fraser had a sweet restful sleep after a very long day.

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