07/04/2015 08:48 EDT | Updated 07/04/2015 08:59 EDT

18 Times Iggy Azalea Was Worse Than Nickelback

Oh hai, Australia! It's Canada here!

You know, the hosers whose music you love to mock on social media.

Any chance you get.

Look, we know Nickelback's not the greatest.

And that none of this is personal.

But when it comes to musicians, you're one to talk.

See, you have Iggy Azalea. And she is way worse than Nickelback.

Here are 18 reasons why.

Imagine the duet. *Shudder*

There was the time she rapped about being a "slave / Master."

When she rhymed "Iggy" with "Iggy." (Scroll to 2:03)

When she rapped, "Tell me how you luv dat."

"You are adopting the tonalities of Southern black women and belittling their manner of speaking by totally removing it from its context."

And when she made no apologies for cultural appropriation.

There was the time she sounded like a broken sprinkler ...

Which made for a SICK remix.

When she tweeted ...

Things ...

She ...

Shouldn't ...


She apologized for having made these kinds of comments "as a young person" in early June, just after cancelling a performance at Pittsburgh Pride.

There was her lame duet with Rita Ora on "Saturday Night Live."

The time she failed to go back-to-back with Jennifer Hudson.

And her pointless appearance in "Furious 7."

Her sole line was, "Where you been at, ghost girl?" Something no one will ever, EVER ask of Iggy Azalea.

There was the time that "Pretty Girls" bombed.

She's laughing at you, not with you, Iggy.

And she apparently blamed Britney Spears.

And when Brit bit back ...

Iggy denied she ever slammed her.

You said you were "just featured," Iggy.

There was the time she cancelled an arena tour amid slow sales ...

Something Chad Kroeger never has to do.

So the next time people mock Nickelback, just remember. There's bad ...

And then there's Iggy.